Saturday, January 8, 2011

For the love of the feed

Little to be said, now, other than to answer the obvious question - what does a fiction blog need with reference material, of the sort offered by a Knol or a notebook?

A few answers to that:

1. Hiding in Plain Sight is not going to be purely a fiction blog, just mostly a fiction blog. In between stories, I will be talking about the very real world that my fictional world will be modeled after, with the kind of details maybe only an engineer could be interested in. I'm not going to tell you true stories of grievous bodily harm - probably - but I might wander off on a digression about the mathematical considerations behind the logistics in railway shipping, give you a kosher version of "city chicken" (which, by the way, has no chicken in it), share a few snapshots of churches on the Northwest side ...

2. While Hiding in Plain Sight will be devoid of almost anything akin to science fiction or fantasy, I might do a "might have been" - explore an alternate storyline, where events turned out differently. If you want to think of that as being a parallel fictional universe, that's fine.

3. The blog is not a novel. Part of the point to this being a blog is that I'm going to let you see me assemble those stories, in my own amateurish way. Think of it as being one of the notebooks a student uses in his writing class.

The additional pages are more notebooks.